G.T.Road , Tehsil Bilhaur Kanpur Nagar, Araul, Uttar Pradesh 209202


Read & Let Read To Provide every child with the right to education S/He deserves and be educated over selves to lead the way.


Holistic Development To offer an environment full of opportunities to help child grow mentally, physically , intellectually and Emotionally.

Other facilities

  1. Infrastructure of the college – The college has been constructed in accordance with the standards of the university. Adequate number of lecture halls, laboratories and offices are built in the college.
  2. College-run Faculty – At present, the college has a system of teaching at the
    undergraduate and post graduate level, under which arts, science, commerce and Teacher Eduction courses –D.El.Ed and B.Ed. Faculty operates.
  3. Lecture Hall – There are sufficient number of lecture halls in the college, in whichproper arrangement of students / students to sit.
  1. Laboratories– The college has full and well equipped laboratories of all experimental subjects, in which state-of-the-art facilities are available for students to do experimental work. Seminar Room – Arts, Commerce, B.Ed. There is a special seminar room for students and students of science faculty to debate and debate new scientific facts, where students get an opportunity to fulfill their curiosities.
  2. Library – The college has a library equipped with books related to the necessary air-conditioned multi-use and high-level courses of the students, which has a collection of about 10000 books. There is a good seating arrangement for all students.
  3. Playground – The college has a suitable venue for sports and physical education, where special opportunities for skill display are provided at various levels. In which students /students can perform best in university level sports competitions. Awarded to students/ students who performed best in sports competitions at the annual festival goes.


  1. There are different arrangements for students / girls to sit during the vacant playing period.
  2. A bicycle, motorcycle stand has been arranged to erect vehicles for students coming from private vehicles in the college. It will have to be borne separately by the student.
  3. There is proper provision of drinking water in the college.
  4. There is a system of generators for general supply of electricity in the college. There is proper arrangement of light and wings in the lecture halls.
  5. There is a system of generators for general supply of electricity in the college. There is proper arrangement of light and wings in the lecture halls.
  6. Community programs have been run for the last nine years to make education multifaceted and all-round. In addition to their education, the students who participate in it are trying to explain the importance of many problems and physical exertion prevailing in rural areas so that they can solve all their problems on their own.
TEXT-RELATED ACTIVITYThe college organizes the following course activities for the all-round development of its students. Under it, various programs are organized from time to time.
YUVA MAHOTSAV – History is witness that when a revolutionary step is taken,only one power was employed behind it. That is, Yuva OOrja is an annual program called “Urja” in the college to enhance these powers and talents. Under which activities like sports, cultural programs etc. are organized. Reception -Students of various cultures take admission in the college, some of which follow the ideas of the ideas and some take the initiative of modern ideas. To establish the connection among them, the college organizes a reception in the month of August.
RASHTRIYA SEVA YOJANA – A unit of the Rashtriya Seva Yojana is also a college under which members of the college family conduct various social service activities,patriotism, awareness of the environment, importance of labor and awakening of thespirit of discipline, etc.).
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – To preserve the environment around us, various programs(lectures of environmental specialties, plantations, sanitation programs etc.) areorganized in our college from time to time.
ANNUAL PRIZE DISTRIBUTION CEREMONY – Keeping in mind the activities of the year in the current session of our college. To encourage the students, the senior students (sports,cultural programs, academics) will be released in the second week of January.Prizes areawarded in distribution.
ANNUAL MAGAZINE – The magazine TARANGINI; will be sponsored on the day of the annual award distribution ceremony in which the college The annual activities of the bank will include accounting and motivational context.
FAREWELL CEREMONY – Under this, with a happy memory, we send off the students who have completed education, wishing them a bright future so that they can become a good citizen by brightening the name of the college. The ceremony ends in February,the end of the session.