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Dr. Soney Lal Patel (Founder)

Bodhisattva Late Dr. Soney Lal Patel Born on the 2nd of July, 1950 excelling in everything that he chose to do, Bodhisattva Dr. Soneylal Patel Ji, the Founder of Dr. G.P.R.D. Patel Group of Educational Institutions, was drawn towards imparting education by a twist of fate in 1985, when he started a girls degree college in a rural pocket of Azamgarh. With a spaltry amount of money in his pocket and grit writ large on his face, our illustrious Founder braved all odds to establish and leave behind an empire with invaluable assets and more importantly several thousand pupils across Kanpur city, contributing their mite towards the peace, progress and prosperity of the human society at large. In the words of Dr. Soneylal Patel himself being the Founder of this group and having a major role to play in its growth, “My personality and mindset have become one with that of the institution.”

A TRIBUTE TO OUR FOUNDER SIR Bodhisattva Late Dr. Soney Lal Patel

Dr. Patel believed that teamwork is the backbone of the colossal success that the achieved and discipline is its most important ingredient. He would say that all other virtues in a human being or an organisation for that matter, would inevitably and invariably follow discipline. The saga of this noble soul came to an abrupt end on 17th of October, 2009. The legacy left behind by Dr. Soneylal Patel in striving for the cause of education is unparalleled and a daunting task for his successors in office. It is probably one in millions of people who strives all his life for a noble cause, build an organisation worth millions of times than the initial capital invested, brave all odds and leave the material world with not an inch of land to call their own. We, at Dr. Soneylal Patel Senior Secondary School, rededicate ourselves to work towards the realization of the dreams of our great Founder.